Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9X12 Area Rugs

Now days, most of the designer apartments have given way to houses that do not have wall to wall carpets installed in them. It is mainly due to the reason that people wish to design the wall carpets or the rugs according to their own sense of design and style. Rugs are a very popular choice among people as they doesn't need to be nailed down to the wooden floor and requires less maintenance; at least not professional cleaning like carpets demand.

Another major reason for people giving less preference to carpeting the floors is that it traps the allergens within them and become a nightmare if people residing in or visiting those houses are allergic to certain things, may be pets and animals. Rugs are a safe option.

9 x 12 area rugs fit in almost all rooms of houses and they can be lifted from the floor and cleaned thoroughly without trapping any irritant inside of them. Another major comparison between the carpets and area rugs is the cost. Go to the cheapest shop and bag the biggest discount on a carpet, still it comes out to be a lot more expensive than the rug you buy for yourself. Also with the amount of money you invest in the carpets, you need to retain them and maintain them over the years. But buy any rug, and if you get bored with it? Buy another! Yes there is another advantage- you can change them in accordance with the colour moods. Someday you may feel- go green! Get a green rug, and for that children's party at your place- red and blue would look amazing!

So, all in all, rugs are a perfect choice if monotony, huge prices and allergens scare you. Easy cleaning ensures that the allergens are kept at bay and cheap prices ensure that you can always have a new rug to change the look and the feel of your home. Also your room may be very massive, but a 9 x 12 rug will fit in almost all rooms. These are not merely rugs on the floor, they add to the look of the complete decor and art. Rugs are available in various colours and patterns to add to the look of the room. Area rugs are indeed a more appropriate choice than the carpets for the above mentioned reasons and another major reason- convenience to you. Area rugs are indeed preferred then the carpets.

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