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Tips for Selecting Unique Area Rugs

Every home should have at least one unique area rug. Basic square rugs in browns, reds and black are a dime a dozen and it isn't difficult to find rugs that will fit beside your bed or run down your hallway. Unique area rugs are harder to find and select, but they give the perfect touch to a room's décor.
Unique are rugs stand out in your home, draw attention, and serve as accents to dominating features and colors in a room. Following are some simple tips on how to use unique and unusual area rugs to jazz up your home and create the perfect feel in every room:
1. Play with Shape
Unique area rugs often have different shapes from the stereotypical square or rectangle. Look for odd shapes that give a different look and you could make the area rug the focal point of the entire room.
2. Play with Color
Not everything has to match in your home! Choose one dominant color for a room and then pull in contrasting colors through your area rugs, wall décor, and other decorative items throughout the room. Area rugs are perfect for adding a splash of color that make the dominant colors in the room look even better.
Just make sure you select the color of your unique are rugs with taste. Some contrasting colors look great with particular dominating colors while others are unattractive or uneasy on the eyes.
3. Play with Texture
Some unique rugs are unique because of the materials they are made out of. These rugs use fir or different varieties of fiber which you wouldn't typically see sitting on the floor of someone's home. The appearance as well as feel of these rugs is affected by the texture of the materials.
The right texture will not only draw the eye and command attention in the home, but can feel luxurious on your feet when you walk through the room without shoes as well.
4. Consider Sensual Effect
When selecting any type of home décor you have to consider what mood or sensual effect it is going to give off in the home. One rug may give a very casual, laid back feel while another gives a very luxurious, high class feel. What a particular rug does for your home depends on all of the tips presented above: the color, texture, and shape. All of these elements come together to determine the overall feel a particular rug adds to a room.
Spend some time searching the market for rugs in general and you will know when the time is right to look for something more unusual or unique. When you can't find a single rug that will fit a particular spot in your home while shopping local stores and online vendors, it's time to look for unique area rugs. These rugs can add a touch of class and elegance or a warm, comfortable feeling to specific rooms of your home.
Yet, the most remarkable thing about rugs that are different from most others is you won't find them in someone else's living room or bedroom floor. They are made to be different, to stand out, and to be uniquely yours. Place them in a dark corner to brighten things up or throw them in the middle of your living room for a splash of the exotic.
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Area Rugs 4X6: Choosing The Right Size Of Area Rugs

Author: Jared D. Ingram

There are plenty of areas in your home where you can place area rugs in order to provide a whole new and attractive look. Area rugs are excellent in making your home look warm and cozy but this does not mean that you can just pick any types and sizes of area rugs in order to change the look of a particular area in your home. Among all aspects related to area rugs, choosing the right size is as important as choosing the right pattern and color. For you to be able to get the area rug that will best fit its proposed location, you need to be able to know the perfect size of the area rug you need to purchase. Area rugs can come in a variety of size starting from area rugs 4x6 up to 9x12.

The reason why it is very important to have the right size of area rugs because choosing the wrong one can drastically change the appearance of the room, for example, if you will be using area rugs 4x6 on a big living room, the small size of the area rug will be highlighted. Using a bigger area rug on a smaller room will also make it look crowded and vice versa. If your purpose of purchasing area rugs is to place it either in the kitchen or in your bathroom, area rugs 4x6, 3x5, and 2x3 will be sufficient enough to meet your requirements. These sizes are the standard dimension for these areas in your home and for the much larger rooms like the living and dining rooms, rugs with dimensions of nine by twelve, eight by ten, and five by eight is enough. For your bedrooms, a four by six area rug is suitable.

Before you start shopping for area rugs, it is recommended that you first get the exact measurements of the area where you will be placing your rugs. You can mark the important areas and evaluate the volume of space in the particular room. You also need to know where you need to place the area rug you will be purchasing and evaluate whether it is feasible to place an area rug in that particular area. If not, find another space where are rugs can be best placed.
You need to know that a larger space might prove it difficult to find an area rug with the appropriate size. Today' market makes it more available for smaller rugs due to its affordability and people seldom look for or buy large area rugs for their homes. If you are really intent on purchasing a large area rug, you can look for rug suppliers and dealers and inquire if they accept custom made area rugs to meet your exact specification. You can browse online for area rug dealers and before deciding on one, give it some time to compare prices from various dealers you can find. This can help you to find a dealer that can provide you with an affordable area rug with the exact size that you want.

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Blazing Red Rugs

Feng Shui enthusiasts would always tell you how red is the color of prosperity, and that red could instantly bring luck into any room. Surely, even without checking the auras and the ch'i, and even without repeating mantras, it is obvious for any room designer how red could really turn your room from boring little mouse trap to spicy and sexy lair in minutes. You could buy red furniture of course, but a mix and mash of red TV sets, sofas, coffee tables, and vases would surely fright every visitor you have. It might be going a bit overboard. What stylists would tell you is that the color red only works its magic when you only add it as a spice. Red would highlight, not overwhelm. And while a red TV set may interest some people, a more subtle but effective use of the 'red technique' is the use of the magical red rug!
Rugs could come in different shapes and sizes, There are large rugs, shaggy rugs, and modern rugs. Most of the time, even without people actually noticing, rugs actually complete the look of rooms without being too imposing. Not only that, they also spice up the look of any flooring. It can also serve as a comfortable haven for your visitors' feet. The more traditional and more eccentric ones prefer buying them to complete the look of their rooms. Even ordinary rooms would get its share of color once you place it on its floor. Cream rugs may be popular to the very formal and serious types of people, but nothing compliments eccentricity and adventurous spirit other than the red rugs. Quality rugs are hard to find today. Sure, many stores offer cheap prices for rugs, but what escapes the minds of people are times is that some of these cheap rugs sacrifice quality. You might be able to purchase a cool red rug from a certain store for $10, but you would soon realize how you should have brought something more expensive and with more quality after the cheap rug you bought easily worn out. It would be beneficial if you set a price range that is not so low and not so high either so that while you are being smart with prices, you are also not sacrificing the quality. Speaking of quality and red rugs, an online store which offers both in very considerable price is They offer some of the classiest red rugs in town in the best prices! Of course, their price would depend on the material and the sizes and pattern design of these red rugs, but rest assured that every red rug they sell is not only sassy and trendy, but also very sturdy.
A red rug could brighten up and prettify a room instantly without you having to do intricate fixings and alterations. Not only that, whole your furniture and your appliances may not be that pricey, your red rug will definitely win over your visitors with its classical hypnotic touch.
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6 x 9 Rugs - Area Rugs

9X12 Area Rugs

Now days, most of the designer apartments have given way to houses that do not have wall to wall carpets installed in them. It is mainly due to the reason that people wish to design the wall carpets or the rugs according to their own sense of design and style. Rugs are a very popular choice among people as they doesn't need to be nailed down to the wooden floor and requires less maintenance; at least not professional cleaning like carpets demand.

Another major reason for people giving less preference to carpeting the floors is that it traps the allergens within them and become a nightmare if people residing in or visiting those houses are allergic to certain things, may be pets and animals. Rugs are a safe option.

9 x 12 area rugs fit in almost all rooms of houses and they can be lifted from the floor and cleaned thoroughly without trapping any irritant inside of them. Another major comparison between the carpets and area rugs is the cost. Go to the cheapest shop and bag the biggest discount on a carpet, still it comes out to be a lot more expensive than the rug you buy for yourself. Also with the amount of money you invest in the carpets, you need to retain them and maintain them over the years. But buy any rug, and if you get bored with it? Buy another! Yes there is another advantage- you can change them in accordance with the colour moods. Someday you may feel- go green! Get a green rug, and for that children's party at your place- red and blue would look amazing!

So, all in all, rugs are a perfect choice if monotony, huge prices and allergens scare you. Easy cleaning ensures that the allergens are kept at bay and cheap prices ensure that you can always have a new rug to change the look and the feel of your home. Also your room may be very massive, but a 9 x 12 rug will fit in almost all rooms. These are not merely rugs on the floor, they add to the look of the complete decor and art. Rugs are available in various colours and patterns to add to the look of the room. Area rugs are indeed a more appropriate choice than the carpets for the above mentioned reasons and another major reason- convenience to you. Area rugs are indeed preferred then the carpets.

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Finding Handmade Rugs in Different sizes and shapes

Are you planning to use area rugs in your floor? If you are it is better that you will much know the amount of space that be covered of your rugs. Most of the rugs are comes from the different sizes and shapes that is why it is appropriate for the pace in the small and the big homes. If you are still desired for the handmade rugs, they are also comes in the different sizes and shapes such as the runner type, oval, round and the free from or odd shape rug.

Where ever you go in the home in the world there is there always a piece of rugs in the home. For manufacturer of the rugs thy just use standardize size of the rugs that could be easy for the buyers but if you want to have the larger size or the smaller sizes than is suited in your space especially if you have a larger or small area in the home. If you have hallways in the house the rug runner is just perfect to it. Runners are just long rugs suited in the hallways can also be used in the stairways but it is best wit the stair treads. Most runners come in widths that range from 2 feet to 3 feet and lengths of 6 to 20 feet.

Round rugs are also a nice choice because of their unique shape. The shape adds a fresh and soft touch on a structured room but these rugs are rare and hard to find. Modern rugs are rarely round but oriental round rugs that are hand woven in China can be purchased online from rug dealers. It is also popularly woven in different cities in Iran together with oval-shaped rugs which are becoming popular. The layout of round and oval rugs usually resemble a medallion.

The size and shape of the rug for any room should be the first details that should be considered in rug selection. Rectangular rugs are safe choices because of their standard size, but choosing the extraordinary such as round or odd-shaped rugs can change the whole room by giving it an edgier and modern look.

Decorating with round area rugs

Round rugs are the best solution if you do not know what type of rug to go with. You want to avoid wasting money on rugs that are too big, too small, or if they are the wrong shape. It doesn’t matter if you buy a Persian rug or a plain pastel rug, a round rug is the perfect instant addition to any room.

The quality and appearance of area rugs is predominantly determined by the type of material. Natural fibers and synthetic are your main choices. Natural fiber rugs are more environmentally friendly but synthetic fibers are stronger. It just depends what you want to get out of your rug.

Acrylic area rugs come in a wide variety of colors and are fade and stain-resistant. They are good for kitchen areas as they are suited to hot and humid areas. Polypropylene area rugs are one of the most popular as they are very durable and stain-resistant. Consequently, they are used as an all-round rug. Nylon area rugs are not very comfortable but are durable and low-maintenance. They are best suited for kitchens and bathrooms. Wool area rugs are the gold standard. They possess natural air filtering properties and are very soft. Cotton area rugs are much softer than wool ones but do not last as long. They are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Jute area rugs are the most soft you can get but fade easily when exposed to sunlight and are sensitive to moisture. For excellent wear and tear and colorfast properties, choose sisal area rugs. Cheaper natural fibers such as jute, sea grass and bamboo are good materials to use in areas that do not have high-traffic.

A round area rug is by far the best choice for any room. The design of the rug is also important. When you have a round rug in the bath, slide it close to the tub for a drying mat as well as a bathroom rug. A square rug or rectangle rug can fold on you but it won’t fold with a round rug. Water can damage the natural fibers found in wool so keep this in mind when buying a rug and opt for a synthetic rug.

People sometimes use an area rug for padding on their furniture. This is a waste of a good rug. Instead place the rug on the floor in the middle of the room and let the kids play with their toys.

Each design on a round area rug can compliment the design in your room. You want everything to blend together. Match your rug to the dominant colors in your room first. You may want to go with a natural color instead; black or beige. If you are not sure what color to go with choose a red rug and decorate around the rug.

If you enjoyed this information about decorating with rugs, then you are going to love these round floor rugs.

An introduction to area rugs

Area rugs have been well-liked accessories for many factors all through modern day occasions. They are found in kitchens and baths. They’re found at entry methods and on porches. The number of places individuals have discovered for these item is nearly endless. There are also sets for bathrooms that can be bought that will incorporate 5 pieces. There is a tiny scatter rug, a seat cover for the water closet that will fit more than your seat . They consist of a rug created to cover the tank lid and a cutout rug to snuggle up to the front of the water closet itself. This last item can be a blessing on a cold tile floor.

Any rugs that are intended to go in front of a sink, no matter what the materials or style, need to surely be anti slip in nature. This will help avoid accidents whilst adding to the comfort while undertaking dishes or utilizing a vanity sink. Bar sinks are also an excellent location for anti slip rugs.

Several shops and retail shops will use an entrance rug at the door. This allows individuals to wipe their shoes upon entering. This will minimize the quantity of dirt that get tracked in as properly as how far it gets. Keeping it at the door will save money on cleaning expenses. Also a safety factor in the winter months for cold climate climates exactly where snow and ice can be an problem. This is where the makeup of the rugs supplies have to be a beneficial durable mix and once again extremely anti slip.

When cleaning these items the size will make a difference. Little rugs might be cleaned by running them via a regular washing machine. A larger one will have to be steam cleaned in location. A hose may be used outside, to rinse the dirt from the rug.. Attachments that will add soap are accessible for a conventional garden hose and a clothesline or fence can support the rug as we hose it down. Be certain to rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry properly.

Service companies can be referred to as that will come to you and present cleaning for these rugs although there at it they can do all of your home carpets.

Check on the web for nearby companies so you can compare cost before contracting a service provider. Obtaining the best price isn’t often going to get you the finest final results and asking pals for suggestions is an excellent notion.

Area rugs are an excellent little item that can save time as nicely as lowering the cleaning expenses you incur.

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Benefits of Buying Rugs Online

Benefits of Buying Rugs Online

Author: rugs

The biggest benefit of purchasing rugs online is that online rugs store provides you thousands blueprints of the rug designing which are although difficult to keep and display in a rug store. Some of the rugs are even not available in rug stores as they are produced only after booking up of orders from clients, so shopping online is the best way through which you can explore the large catalog of rugs designs. You can visit any of store offering rugs online and you will see large variety of patterns, with proper specifications provided for each rug design. You can even choose the zoom out views of the displayed rugs in order to minutely check out the rug drawings.

This is true that rugs are costlier and you cannot just pay to an online rugs store without having a look at the rugs. But these issues can be worked out by determining the genuineness of particular rug store from their previous clients and you can even discuss the matter with your friends, may be they have prior experiences and can guide you on buying rugs online. As online shopping is done on the basis of trust, here it is better to buy rugs only from the reputed sites only who own retail stores preferably in your city.

Price benefits are one of the biggest advantages of purchasing rugs online. As when you purchase rugs online from the retailers in your city or nearby locations, they will add all the over head charges, shipping and delivering charges directly from you. Whereas when you book your orders online from the wholesalers site they will just take the cost of the rugs and very lesser shipping charges as rugs are transported directly at your home. Sometimes online rug stores even offer free shipping and handlings.

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When buying rugs online you should properly check out the size of rugs, materials used in its manufacturing, ways of cleaning, shape of rug etc. Remember that purchasing rugs online require thorough investigations of the different online rugs stores before actually buying and paying for the rugs.

Choosing the Right Rug

Choosing the Right Rug

Author: Rugs UK

So you’ve decided that you want to buy a rug but you don’t know what sort of rug will work best for you and the environment in which it will be placed, or maybe you know the sort of rug that you would like but you’re having difficulty choosing a design. The following is meant to be a practical guide to help you discover issues that you may or may not have taken into account when choosing a rug.

Space and Environment

Space and environment are key issues to consider when it comes to choosing a rug, have you thought enough about the space that it will be in and the effect that the design you have chosen will have on that space?

The likelihood is that it has been thought about but not fully considered. Rugs can either open a space up or make a space seem a lot cosier. Depending on the atmosphere, look and feel that you wish to create, there are several key elements to take into account. If you want to create the feeling of spaciousness then light colours and simple patterns are the way forward.

Light colours and simple designs can create an amazing feeling of expansion and really open up a space, however if you are looking to make a space cosier then rugs that have darker colours and more ornate or dense patterns tend to work better. Featured to the right are two great rugs featuring ornate dense patterns for making that space seem more cosy. Most traditional rugs will lend themselves well to this job with their ornate dense patterns however there are also many modern rugs that will effectively make a space more cosy. Don't limit yourself to just traditional if it's a modern rug that you would prefer.


Believe it or not size is one of the most fundamental decisions to make when it comes to choosing your rug. The wrong size can make a room look cluttered or far too small. Rugs tend to come in standard sizes:

Small rugs measuring approximately, three feet by five feet (90cm x 150cm) up to approximately four feet by six feet (120cm x 180cm)

Medium rugs measuring up to approximately eight feet by five feet (240cm x 150cm)

Large rugs measuring up to approximately eleven feet (330cm) with anything larger classified as extra large.

Many rugs can be custom made to the size that you require, this is often more expensive and can take a long time but the results can be amazing and in the end provide you with a rug that is the perfect size for the area required. If you see a rug that you like and you require it to made in a custom size then please view the size chart for that collection to see whether or not custom sizes are available, contact us by email or telephone us for a quote and more information.

In general small rugs tend to highlight smaller pieces of furniture say for example a bed or a coffee table whilst larger rugs tend to be for dining rooms, lounge areas and other bigger spaces.

If you prefer to go with one of the standard sizes of rugs but they’re not the actual size that you require it is often better to choose a standard size that is slightly larger than the required size than to choose a size too short. Remember larger rugs can often be tucked under furniture.

The best way to determine the size of rug that you need before placing an order is to lay out some sheets of newspaper in the area that you would like to place your rug and to stick it down with masking tape. When you are satisfied with the area that the newspaper fills you can record the measurements of the size that looks the best. Also bare in mind the area where you will be placing the rug, e.g. If you are placing a rug by a door opening you want the rug to be able to go under the door without it causing an obstruction. There really is nothing worse than buying an expensive rug only to find that it obstructs entrances and exits to a room. Another thing to be aware of is to make sure that the corner of a rug doesn’t stick out into the middle of a door opening because they can often cause tripping hazards.

Where is Your Room's Main Focal Point? Furniture, Fireplace or Rug?

Discovering the focal point of your room to be can be very important when it comes to choosing a rug. Rugs can draw attention to certain areas of a room, compliment existing focal areas in a room or even become a focal point themselves. They are extremely powerful design aids and can be used effectively to attract or detract attention to or from certain areas within a room.

Furniture as a Focal Point

If for instance the furniture and surrounding décor in the room is to be a focal point, then it’s best to choose a rug that is more subtle and subdued with little or no pattern or a rug that compliments the colour of existing furniture. Soft colours and tones will work best for this with many plain rugs being good choices. In some cases two or more smaller rugs can work better than one large rug.

Fireplace as a Focal Point

If the focal point of a room is a fireplace it is usually best to choose a rug that has a subdued all-over pattern or a plain rug that compliments the surroundings so that it does not become a distraction.

Rug as a Focal Point

If the rug that you choose is to be the focal point of the room, then it is best to choose a rug that is quite busy, bright or bold in design/colour, thus attracting attention to it and drawing attention away from the furniture and surrounding décor. Rugs that are to become focal points work best in rooms when the surrounding décor is neutral or soft in colour, thus creating a picture frame so to speak for the rug that becomes the artwork within that frame.

In general if two or more items happen to compete for a focal point it can unbalance a room and upset the atmosphere within it. This can be avoided with good planning and placement. As a rule of thumb it is often best to just have one focal point in a room, a rug can be busy or the surroundings can be busy. If everything in the room is busy it tends to create a very restless atmosphere.

Style, Texture and Colour

A rug can really transform a room and can be used instead of redecorating or to replace an old carpet that looks worn. A rug can bring a fresh look to a room or give it a lift. Whatever your rug is for, the thing to remember is that it should always compliment the style and colour scheme of your room. For instance it wouldn’t be advised to place a beautiful traditional style Persian rug with an ornate design, in a room that has been designed to have a modern and contemporary nautical feel to it, whilst at the same time it wouldn’t be advised to place a Navajo rug in a room that is trying to create a Victorian look. Instead it would be advised to choose a rug that reminds you of a seascape for the nautical themed room and a rug with a European floral design that compliments it for the latter.

In general, in terms of style and colour scheme the rug that you choose should compliment the surrounding décor or theme of the room otherwise it will look out of place and stick out like a sore thumb.

In terms of colour, it is advised in general to match up a particular favourite colour in the room for example match the colour of your walls or your curtains. There is no need to try and match your rug to every colour in your room or vice versa. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s a room full of colours, choose a neutral colour for your rug and if it is a very neutral room then choose a bright coloured rug. Try using solid modern colours to carry painted colour schemes all the way throughout the room. If you place a rug in a strategic area of a room that matches a certain wall or ceiling colour it can really set off a room and make your design come together.

Textured rugs can add a certain depth to an otherwise flat room. Many shaggy and textured rugs can create depth where smooth walls meet smooth laminate floors. They can break up the monotony of smoothness in a room, adding depth and interest, giving your room body as well as form.

Wool or Synthetic?

Regardless of what anybody says, all wool rugs shed. This is because they are from a natural fibre source. Most wool rugs that are new will shed for a while because of the loose fibres however some wool rugs have been known to shed for months and even longer. We have a wool rug in our sitting room that has been shedding for well over a year now. For some time we have been concerned that it is just going to disappear into nothing however it doesn't shed half as much now as when we first bought it and it still seems to look just as great. If a rug that doesn't shed is a huge factor in the rug choosing decision then we would recommend that you do not choose wool.

So you may ask why people buy wool rugs if they shed. Well the answer to that is that wool is far more resilient, more durable than synthetic man made fibres and responds better to coloured dyes, i.e. it absorbs and maintains dyes better. Therefore you can often get a wool rug that is years old and still looks as good as new whereas its synthetic counterpart can look old and slightly faded. Wool is also naturally resistant to water, fire and stains as well as being resistant to dust mites. This is a great positive for anybody that has allergies because they don't have their allergy aggravated by dust mites. Also because wool is mainly resistant to fire (not entirely resistant if overexposed) and sparking it makes it an ideal choice for a fireside rug.

Another major or not so major factor depending upon whether you're shopping on a budget or not is price. Wool is far more expensive than acrylic / man made fibres due to its authenticity and durability.

There really isn't too much difference in the look and feel of some synthetic rugs these days. In fact synthetic fibres are that well made now that we sometimes have to really look closely at acrylic to be able to tell that it isn't wool.

Wool is and probably will remain the most popular choice for a rug due to its traditional heritage and natural existence in a mostly man made world. If you are going to be putting your rug in an area that receives a high amount of traffic we would have to recommend wool due to its durability and natural resistance to stains.

There is no exact science to choosing a rug and we are all different in the sense that we all have different tastes and ideas about what will and won’t work in a room. The above information is a broad view of what is known to work and what is not, as with anything there will always be instances where a rug contradicts the theories above, i.e. an exception to the rules so to speak but this will be rare. We hope that you have found the information interesting and that it helps you narrow down the overwhelming choice of rug that you choose.

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